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If you want to remove ads and get additional benefits on the site, you can purchase Premium or VIP access to the site. You can evaluate the possibilities of paid access in the comparative table.
Free Premium VIP
Drop multiplier (the drop coefficient in all puzzles is multiplied by it)x1x2x3
Access to premium puzzles-++
The ability to automatically start solving puzzles-++
Disabling ads-+-
It is possible to display a miniature ad unit above the news in the right panel and a unit in the congratulatory window
Site Acceleration-+-
Puzzles will open faster
The maximum possible speed of the entire site due to the complete shutdown of all analytics, statistics and advertising modules

You can activate purchased premium or VIP access at any time by selecting the appropriate item in the inventory and clicking the "Activate" button.

Enjoy the benefits of Premium and VIP access for free. Use bonus codes: FREEVIP2DAY и FREEPREMIUM2DAY

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VIP and Premium can be obtained for Donate Coin: /donate_coin

Premium - for Bonus Coin:

Premium puzzles can be filtered using the filter

As a rule, such puzzles, in addition to random drops, have an increased chance of dropping expensive crafting items, boosters and artifacts, or increased drop rate.

(Updated 17/12/2020)

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