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vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /feed   2024-03-10 16:10
How does "Daily Puzzle bonus" coin work?

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vsrawat 44 Solver Rank  2024-03-10 16:05 + 1
Thanks for replying, but nothing became from all the comments on that page. In fact, there is not even a mention of Daily puzzle bonus on the page.

Does it mean nothing magical happens with the "Daily puzzle bonus" coin. We cannot even trade it. We can just make another item that is saleable?
GingerMartian 50 Solver Rank  2024-03-10 16:10 + 3
@vsrawat That's right, you can't buy or sell the Daily Puzzle Bonus, but you can crеate other items that you can sell/use. Click on any of the recipes under "Required for the following recipes," and it will take you to a page where you can craft the item and sell it.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/17234   2023-06-21 18:56
As early as not even 6 months ago, the site was taking 500 or 1000 point tournament fee and was offering 3 puzzles per day, 15 puzzle per weekly tournament.
Now there are 8 puzzles only, and fees is up 60-30 times to 30000 points.
Fees you can decide but reducing the number of puzzles in not acceptable by us killer sudoku fans.
Remember, at that time, I had written to you that 3 puzzles a day becomes too much time for us working people, so giving 2 per day would suffice. That you had accepted.
Please reinstate to 10 puzzles, and previous timing of 25 hours for each puzzle,

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GrandGames Admin  2023-06-21 18:56 + 2
The duration of rounds in weekly tournaments has been increased at the request of the players.
You do not have to play right away, the tour is available for several days. Given the increased number of tournaments, 8 is, in our opinion, the optimal number of tours.
If puzzles in tournaments are not enough for you, you can simply solve them in the catalog.
If the competitive moment is important to you, then use the duel mode. It is unlikely that the issue of the size of the contribution is very important for someone, but we will reduce its size in subsequent tournaments. In any case, they all go to prizes for the participants.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /lenta/   2023-06-21 18:14
To make number puzzles like Sudoku family and multi-sudoku more difficult, you can consider removing the "auto-remove digits from that row-column-block" option.

The player should remove each digit manually, this way the puzzle will become more challenging and will require more effort and concentration on part of the player.

This change can be considered only for tournaments puzzles. For non-tournament puzzles, auto-remove may continue as a setting option.


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Mgla 49 Solver Rank  2023-06-21 14:15 + 3
Автоудаление ничего особо не меняет, оно лишь облегчает ручное удаление кандидатов. Которым все и так занимались, но руками. Зато теперь появился шанс у игроков, не полагающихся на физические способности, что я считаю только плюс. Если реально усложнять судоку в турнирах - это надо запретить там простановку кандидатов полностью, что я и так уже предлагал в 2021, но поднялась такая волна недовольства, что это надолго не прижилось. К сожалению - 99% игроков сайта без этой опции судоку решать нормально не умеют, а как правило, при изменениях учитывается большинство.
Memo 45  2023-06-21 18:14 + 5
@Mgla, истину глаголите :)
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /lenta/   ! #592293   2023-06-19 23:22
What have you done in multi-sudoku? I am not able to enter notes in any cell just by pressing multiple numbers. That was how it was done across the years. We learn that, practice that, get that in a habit and you change the method. That is not good.

Putting notes by clicking or tapping buttons is for kids. seasoned players find it convenient to type numbers directly. So much mouse movement between the cells and digit buttons wastes time and efforts.

Also, there is no keyboard shortcut like pressing control-digit to put notes, as is in killer and some other puzzles. That is also problematic, but better that tapping/ clicking the buttons.

Please bring back previous method of directly typing notes, instead of taping/ clicking buttons.
or give sudoku killer like method of control-digit to type the notes directly in the cells.


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lasha70 50 Solver Rank  2023-06-19 18:48 + 0
@GrandGames, переысылаю сообщение, в мудьтисудоку исчезла возможность проставлять цифры с клавиатуры. Примерно три часа назад всё было нормально.
vsrawat Был недавно 43Пожаловаться
! #592293 37 мин. назад
What have you done in multi-sudoku? I am not able to enter notes in any cell just by pressing multiple numbers. That was how it was done across the years. We learn that, practice that, get that in a habit and you change the method. That is not good.

Putting notes by clicking or tapping buttons is for kids. seasoned players find it convenient to type numbers directly. So much mouse movement between the cells and digit buttons wastes time and efforts.

Also, there is no keyboard shortcut like pressing control-digit to put notes, as is in killer and some other puzzles. That is also problematic, but better that tapping/ clicking the buttons.

Please bring back previous method of directly typing notes, instead of taping/ clicking buttons.
or give sudoku killer like method of control-digit to type the notes directly in the cells.

elenina12 51 Solver Rank  2023-06-19 22:21 + 3
Добрый вечер, невозможно из клетки удалить одну цифру, пожалуйста, исправьте. Удаляются полностью все кандидаты
GrandGames Admin  2023-06-19 23:22 + 3
Чтобы ставить/убирать кандидаты, переключитесь в режим простановки кандидатов

либо клавишей "~" (левый верхний угол физической клавиатуры). Кроме того, на десктопе, не выходя из режима кандидатов, правым кликом можно ставить и большие цифры.

vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /takeprize   2023-01-16 06:56
"Minutes left to the possibility of receiving a prize: 1199"

please mention the time in hoursminuteseconds as we have to convert that 1199 any way to hours and minutes.

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Vovka. 48 Solver Rank  2023-01-13 17:33 + 6
There are 60 minutes in one hour.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank  2023-01-16 05:24 + 5
There is a reason why clocks and watches clearly show HHMMSS and not just 86000 seconds or 7200 minutes.

1199 minutes is not comprehensible to me, I cannot say about your higher wisdom. I have to convert that to hours and minutes so why not a computer does that.
NATAKAPA 55 Solver Rank  2023-01-16 06:56 + 6
В чем проблема? 19 hours 59 minutes
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /takeprize   2023-01-16 05:53
Demarcation between coins and item have been removed recently, and now coin as well as item is presented in the puzzle solving rewards and the user can choose any of them, I like that.

I suggest on this page also, do give the option of coin prize and item prize, and let the user choose one of them at a time.

Often, prizes offered in this page is such item that is already in abundance with the user, like ore, water that all puzzle rewards mostly give. So waiting for 20 hours to get one Water is a disappointment. In such a case, a user might prefer to choose the cash prize.


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Vovka. 48 Solver Rank  2023-01-16 05:53 + 4
One shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouthacute
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /multisudoku/id356585   2022-10-05 16:16
Multi-Sudoku №356585, butterfly says it is drоp x10, but after I finished it, it gave me 1100 points, saying it was drоp 11. I am not complaining, just that there could be some inconsistency in the drоp allocation.

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Vovka. 48 Solver Rank  2022-10-05 10:36 + 3
For the first five who decide, the drоp is increased.
pushinka24 50  2022-10-05 11:46 + 4
@Vovka., a разве не для первых четырёх игроков?
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vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/12566   2022-07-12 11:27
What exactly could be the point of changing the expire time of first puzzle to 00:10 hours?

We all know that puzzles expire after 25 hours, meaning morning puzzle expires next morning at 9:55 AM, and evening puzzle expires at next evening at 21:55 PM.

Then why should this puzzle had to expire at 00:10 AM?

Actually, I was busy in work yesterday, so I had thought that I will join tournament and do the first puzzle today morning, but find that the puzzle has expired for no reason at 0:10 hours. Why so?

You mean we cannot rely on our memory of general trends of time at this site?
Do we have to read and memorize the start and expiry time of every individual puzzle?

You should have kept it simpler.

I was also unable to understand why it has to be 25 hours to begin with? Shouldn't a flat 24 hour time had been good enough for all interested players to attempt it wherever they could be all over the world?

And, then this problem of :55 minutes in time . Your site is global, members are players can be anywhere in the world, and it is already a big pain to convert time from Russia time to local time, but that can still be done if it is full hour at :00 minutes or at most half hour at :30 minutes, but when you further change the minutes that confuses people more than it solves things.

My humble suggestion:
1. Keep the start and ending time of all puzzles fixed, definitely in a same tournament, or same type of puzzle. don't change time for a single puzzle like above was changed to 0:10 for no obvious explanation.

2. reduce open time for a puzzle from 25 hours to 24 hours. Then each puzzle will have exactly same start and end time, but for AM PM change, and it will be easiest to remember.

3. keep all times used on this site at full hour or :00 minutes, or at most at half hour or :30 minutes. That will ease conversion across time zones.

4. this particular tournament runs for 5 days. there is no puzzle offered on Sats and Suns. This site is a fun site and we do have fun on weekends and holidays so we would love to play on Sats also. So no point making Sat an off day for this site. Make the puzzles run for 6 days, offering a total of 12 puzzles instead of 10. Then there will be no puzzle on Sunday, that will be result day, and next morning, Monday, next tournament starts.

Remember, previously your were offering 3 puzzles a day in this tournament, now only 2, though you have increased fee four times. So please consider to give us fun for one more day.


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mvt222 53 Solver Rank  2022-07-12 11:27 + 4
The end time of the round 0:10 turned out when all the participants of the tournament decided this round. Otherwise, the tour would have lasted 25 hours.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/12298   2022-06-14 11:28
Time of finishing the puzzle has not updated in entire day except for 2 persons. Are all other stuck? or some bug in the clock?

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GingerMartian 50 Solver Rank  2022-06-14 11:28 + 1
I believe the players did get stuck. After all, it's sudoku, the game is rarely easy. Maybe some players decided to take a break when solving the puzzle and then forgot to return to complete it. That's how I lost couple of tournaments :)
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /lenta/   2022-06-04 00:48
In all puzzles list pages, please give the names of the person who created the puzzle. The appears on the individual puzzle page when we go to play it, but it doesn't appear on the page that lists many puzzles. The person has spend his coins/ points to generate the puzzle and now all can play it, so I feel obliged to the persons creating puzzles. It will be good thank-you to them to display their names in the list of puzzled page.

J'aime + 1     3
GingerMartian 50 Solver Rank  2022-06-03 19:23 + 1
That's an interesting idea, but wouldn't that make the page too cluttered?
Vi2 45 Solver Rank  2022-06-04 00:02 + 1
This idea is already presented in Japanese crosswords. The name is indicated there. Perhaps this is the name of the real author who created the puzzle. The one who adds a puzzle, fishing it out of the depths of the site at the expense of a certain resource, is not chasing fame. I think so.

Эта идея уже представлена в японских кроссвордах. Там имя указывается. Возможно, это имя реального автора, создавшего головоломку. Тот же, кто добавляет головоломку, выуживая её из глубин сайта затратой некоего ресурса, не гонится за славой. Я так думаю.
GingerMartian 50 Solver Rank  2022-06-04 00:48 + 1
Ok, that makes sense
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /lenta/   2022-01-26 19:20
How to cancel a buying or selling offer that I had earlier put in the marketplace, but now I don't want to.


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anikina 54  2022-01-26 19:20 + 3
Click on the "Save" button
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /lenta/   2021-12-24 11:17
What time does the "Daily puzzles" page update?

I have seen that it doesn't updatе at midnight Russia time. Then, when exactly?

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anikina 54  2021-12-24 01:56 + 2
At 8 am Moscow time.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank  2021-12-24 11:17 + 2
thanks, Ani
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/9812   2021-10-21 21:18
Today, fifth tournament of Sudoku had been cancelled in last two months. Only one tournament actually occurred in last two months.

It is because of the bad rules for this tournament that are keeping users away from participating.

Ever since Auto fill has been removed from tournaments, the time of 8 minutes-12 minutes for a sudoku puzzle has become too short that one cannot properly attend to a puzzle in 8 minutes and by that next puzzle is presented, and if the person continues the previous puzzle, he might finish that, but he has already lost valuable time for next puzzle, so he is doomed to loose.

Thus, participants are keeping away from it.

Sudoku is the original puzzle that started and popularized the game and that branched into various variants. It is sad to see the original game in such bad condition at this site, that bad rules have made it.

I had suggested to increase the time to double, but admins seems to have other ideas.

Also, the handicap thingy incorporated in this puzzle is also too restrictive, that a player not even playing or solving any single puzzle, stands to win the tournament solely on the basis of his huge handicap points. That is not proper spirit of game.

Now, even fee has been changed from coins to ticket and one has to buy that or crеate that in craft. If tickets is required, you should start giving such ticked as craft prize on solving other puzzles.

Several great games has been killed by the admins of this site by bad rules, or being too complex, and thus, even the tournaments have stopped altogether, like SudokuX and Windoku, but admins don't listen to suggestions and feedback.

suit yourself, it is your site, you made it, you are destroying it now.


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Vi2 45 Solver Rank  2021-10-21 21:18 + 0
Правила интерфейса иногда стоит менять, но всегда - с обратной связью, так как может получиться неудачно. Поэтому не нужно так огорчаться: вот ты написал в космос, и он откликнется.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /lenta/   2021-08-19 18:16
Not a single killer, windoku, sudoku, mutlisudoku kakuro, X, center, argyle today in daily puzzle.

What exactly you are doing? What exactly you guys want to happen at this site? No game to play on entire sunday holiday?

You guys are killing your excellent site by such wrong decisions.

I am sad.

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natali062013 47 Solver Rank  2021-08-08 06:24 + 3
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank  2021-08-19 18:16 + 2
that charges 20 tips?
Anyway, this is business plan of the site, so it is ok.
But I liked the option of being able to get additional puzzles.

vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /takeprize   2021-08-14 08:43
I am amazed by your "more than 10 hours have passed" ban.
Does that ban never expires?

It should expire if more than 15 hours have passed, or even more, say it should reset on every new day.

Currently, as I see it, if more than 5 hours have passed, that ban remains intact till the end of earth. If I come on next day, or next week, or next year, or after 10 years, even this it says "more than 10 hours have passed" so wait for 5 more hours.

That is ugly, and takes away the fun of free coins.

By the current system, you are actually making the users a servant on your web site that one come within 5-10 hours to click the collect prize, so that the ban of 5 hours doesn't lock it. That is not a good thinking.

I think you should not attach any tags to a "free coin". Just remove that 5 hour ban.

Or at least let that ban expire after some reasonable time. If I come after a week or after a year or after 10 years, and I want the fun to have free coins quickly, you are stealing away the fun part of it and making it a rigorous drill of 5 hours wait. In the hurried life of nowadays, no intelligent person has interest or time to wait for 5 hours.

Please give it a thought and make it a fun thing and not an unpaid duty on your site.


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Vovka. 48 Solver Rank  2021-08-14 08:43 + 7
This is specially done so that users visit the site more often.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /craft/info/glasscont   2021-08-02 17:49
Can we get an option to "reverse engineer" :-) an inventory item?

meaning, can we break down an item in our inventory to get the parts that are used in its creation?

say we have magic potion in 5 number, but have no blue potion or red potion, as I have consumed all,
And I urgently need some blue or red potion for some other creation.

So it will help if I can break down magic potion, to get all its components, that will give us 2 blue potion and 2 red potion.

It will make it crafting exercise more interesting and more creative.

Currently, one-way creation is a limitation on our imagination and sudoku is really all about developing our mind to various possibility and combinations.



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Vi2 45 Solver Rank  2021-08-01 20:56 + 5
Я думаю, что это неразумно, т.к. энтропия в нашем мире однонаправлена: раз смешали части и получили целое, то обратно части не получить. Мы это учитываем в своей жизни. Я думаю, что игра также не должна идти против этих правил.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank  2021-08-02 17:33 + 0
Point taken.

You are right that chemical reactions are irreversible, though physical reactions can revert.

hey dear, it is a game site, we are not mixing physical real things to make a reversible or irreversible change.

I was thinking as Sudokus are all about training the mind about various permutations and combinations, and make us see through missing things, this "revert" option will add to that training. It will be more fun.

Vi2 45 Solver Rank  2021-08-02 17:49 + 1
Для игрового сайта, раз уж на этом делается акцент, необратимые превращения имеют большее преимущество, так как заставляют решать дополнительное количество головоломок для достижения необходимых предметов с дополнительным показом рекламы.

Я так понимаю, что это Вы предлагаете, чтобы преодолеть затруднения, связанные с отсутствием UNDO создания лишних предметов. Я не думаю, что такое обратное разложение вызовет энтузиазм у Игроков и Support. Хотя кто знает...
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /craft/info/glasscont   2021-08-02 17:29
Please consider giving an option of "Revert" or "Undo" on crafting pages, after Creating an item or activating an item.

Actually it is confusing that some items have option of 2x 3x 4x etc. when creating. meaning they are creating as many time even on a single "creation", But we fail to notice that part, and we click to crеate to find that we have created on excess, thus utilizing our inventory in access.

say, containers are created x2. I had 2 so I needed 3 for magic potion, but I failed to notice "2" and clicked to crеate 4, and I got double, 8, now I need only 5, and I have got 10 that I don't need. So I need to cancel this creation, to recrеate with required number.

In such case, please give UNDO option so that we can cancel the last creation and recrеate in required number only.


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Vi2 45 Solver Rank  2021-08-01 20:49 + 2
Я думаю, что можно в spin контроле задавать инкремент, соответствующий количеству создаваемых изделий на один клик на + или -. Или внятно писать общее количество создаваемых изделий, что более предпочтительнее. Или в невразумительном сообщении "Вы уверены?" писать в чём Игрок должен быть уверен, например, "Вы уверены ,что хотите создать 8 предметов?"
Vi2 45 Solver Rank  2021-08-01 22:17 + 2
Советую прочитать книгу Джефа Раскина «Интерфейс».
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vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /filvordy/id281558   2021-07-31 08:34
The instructions read "guiding the mouse to the last one while holding the press button."

please clarify which one is called "press" button? I am on windows pc.


J'aime + 2     1
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank  2021-07-31 08:34 + 1
change "while holding the press button" to "while keeping the left mouse button pressed"
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /lenta/   ! #506929   2021-07-30 23:03
Ever since several new board games were added last week in daily puzzles, the number-games are getting ignored.
There are just one-two number-games being offered daily now (sudoku, multi-sudoku, windoku, killer, etc.)

That is unjustified to members like us who only play these number puzzles. Previously there were some 5-10 puzzles of these types everyday in daily puzzles.

Please do add whatever variety you want, but do continue giving enough quantity to all participants of different likings.


J'aime + 4     2
Support 44  2021-07-28 19:57 + 2
The daily number includes random puzzles with a very small number of solutions. Their set is absolutely random. If you like to solve sudoku, you can choose any item you like in the catalog.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank  2021-07-30 23:03 + 3
As I said, ever since board games started appearing in daily puzzles, number puzzles have taken a back seat. It is surely not random. Your selection program is heavily tilted on board game selection.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/8782   2021-07-29 08:54
Suggestion for tournament points:
There are some participants who attempt the game but could not crack it. And, there are other participants who don't even start the game for various reasons.
I think those who started the game do deserve some recognition. They have done better than those who have not even started the game. They have spent time on this site trying to crack a tough game.

So my suggestion is: Continue giving 0 point to those who don't attempt, but do give 1 point to those who started the game and couldn't complete it. Thereby, all other participants who completed the game will get 1 point higher.

This way we can give recognition to participants for spending time and efforts on this site, even if the games are tough are everyone cannot finish it successfully.


J'aime + 2     3
Vi2 45 Solver Rank  2021-07-28 19:39 + 2
В этом что-то есть. kopilka
t98743235 52 Solver Rank  2021-07-28 21:56 + 7
"Предложение по турнирным очкам:
Есть некоторые участники, которые пытаются запустить игру, но не смогли ее решить. И есть другие участники, которые даже не начинают игру по разным причинам.
Я думаю, что те, кто начал игру, действительно заслуживают некоторого признания. Они справились лучше, чем те, кто даже не начинал игру. Они потратили время на этом сайте, пытаясь решить сложную игру.

Поэтому мое предложение таково: продолжайте давать 0 очков тем, кто не пытается, но дайте 1 очко тем, кто начал игру и не смог ее завершить. Таким образом, все остальные участники, завершившие игру, получат на 1 балл больше."

А я не согласна.
Как узнать, действительно ли игрок пытался что-то решать, или просто открыл игру, посмотрел и закрыл, даже не пытаясь что-нибудь делать?

I don't agree.
How do I know if the player really tried to solve something, or just opened the game, looked and closed it, without even trying to do anything?femida
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank  2021-07-29 08:54 + 1
that is the point, dear friend.
Someone joins a tournament and never comes back and tournament is finished. His efforts and time spent on this site is less than the person who at least comes to site, goes to tournament page, opens a puzzle. But, currently these additional efforts are not getting rewarded at all. Both are getting 0 points.

Even if a person just opens all say 10 games of a tournament, and closes it, he earns 10 points, but the persons able to solve all these 10 puzzles or some of them will get more points so their hierarchy is not changed in any manner. So what do we loose?

vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /sudokukiller/id284191   2021-07-19 16:18
What have you done? The option to click to put Digits in the cells is not appearing, cannot put the digits, how to play?

J'aime + 2     1
alex_tlt 49 Solver Rank  2021-07-19 16:18 + 2
"cannot put the digits, how to play?"

Let take paper, pencil, eraser and with god! :)
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/8716   2021-07-15 16:21
And how are headstarts counted? Why I got 8 headstarts? and everyone's headstart is not equal?
And what is the effect of headstart?

J'aime + 1     1
NinetySeven 37  2021-07-15 16:21 + 3
Because the number of points given for a tournament with a handicap depends on the rating of the players.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/8716   2021-07-15 15:52
I couldn't understand. I stood second and my prize is 373. The person who stood third got prize 387.
could someone explain how the 3rd position fetches higher prize than 2nd position?
I am new at this site and have yet to get the bearings of it.

J'aime + 2     1
GingerMartian 50 Solver Rank  2021-07-15 15:52 + 2
@vsrawat, you've participated in a handicap tournament, where you can win despite scoring lower than more experienced players. However, players with a greater headstart get a lower prize. To increase reduce your headstart, you'll need to participate in tournaments regularly and score high. I hope that helps :)
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/8489   2021-06-17 04:42
Monthly MultiSudoku have less rounds, 2 rounds each day for 5 days, a total of 10 rounds only.
whereas weekly killer/windoku/SudokuX are having 3 rounds each day for 5 days, a total of 15 rounds only.
As a concept, annual tournaments should have more rounds than monthly, and monthly should have more rounds than weekly.
And it should continue for longer duration accordingly.
Currently Monthly MultiSudoku is of the same time like weekly, and has less rounds.
it is a paradox. please give it a thought.

J'aime + 7     2
alex_tlt 49 Solver Rank  2021-06-08 20:56 + 4
Dear vsrawat.
It isn't paradox. Initially multisudoku tournament included all kinds: samurai, sohei, butterfly, cross etc.
The tournament was very difficult, so it have only 10 rounds.
Now it degenerated in simple sudoku, tudoku and doubledoku what
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank  2021-06-17 04:42 + 1
good point, alex,
While all other puzzle categories have single type of puzzles (I guess), Multisudoku is having several variants clubbed in one.
So, all users might not be proficient in all the variants of multisudoku, especially because several of them are not even available elsewhere on the net, so would a user play and how would he learn?

I think multisudoku tournament should be multifurcated to several tournaments, each having only one kind of multisudoku. Then a user can participate only in those tournaments in which he is proficient playing.

vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /sudokukiller/id269244   2021-05-21 19:17
Results of other players is showing -
1. Myshenja 2m.29s. 2021-05-21 174724

how can someone solve this one in 2m.29s. Can you analyze whether any solver or some tool was used? Can we see the sequence and timing when he/ she filled the digits? That will help understand whether it was normal or rigged.

J'aime + 1     1
t98743235 52 Solver Rank  2021-05-21 19:17 + 2
If this is not a tournament game, the player can use hints. Then it can be fast.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /forum/tournaments/4   2021-05-14 16:45
The tournament serial number and game serial no. are just numeric, so if I am participating in several tournament, I am not able to make out which notification message is for which tournament.
In the prompts appearing at the top of left hand menu, there is indeed the icon displayed with the that tournament no. so I can figure out, but "a new tour has started", "this tour is finished" type of notification, there is no way to identify which tournament the notification is speaking about.
Please consider showing icon along with the pop up notifications or write the full name of the tournament. Thanks

J'aime + 3     1
NATAKAPA 55 Solver Rank  2021-05-14 16:45 + 2
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /forum/craft/10   2021-05-14 16:42
I cannot read Russian, so I am not able to understand what this page is saying.

I wanted to ask why "Weekly Windoku" tournament has been abandoned forever? I don't see it planned for next week whereas Sudoku Killer is taking place as always. I like Windokus and I want to participate in its tournaments. Please resume it. Please transfer this thread to the right place in the forum. Thanks.

J'aime + 1     1
NATAKAPA 55 Solver Rank  2021-05-14 16:42 + 1
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/8124   2021-04-22 20:41
what type of sudokus are included?

J'aime + 2     1
eLLioTT 52 Solver Rank  2021-04-22 20:41 + 1
That kind :
I would not say "sudokus". Just puzzles.
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/8121   2021-04-22 11:00
Please mention what category of puzzles are included, to help participants decide whether he/ she can play them? I play only number sudoku and variants.

J'aime + 1     1
Lena2020 48  2021-04-22 11:00 + 1
In tabdica, the title indicates the type of puzzle
vsrawat 44 Solver Rank
! /tournaments/8119   2021-04-21 23:59
Please mention what category of puzzles are included so that users can decide whether to participate. I play sudokus only with numbers, not picture ones or other categories. by name it seems it is multi-sudokus, that I love playing.

J'aime + 1     2
NATAKAPA 55 Solver Rank  2021-04-19 12:49 + 1
this is a multi-puzzle gamepuzzle
B8831388 50  2021-04-21 23:59 + 1
There will be games . The size 8x6
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